192CH Stage Light Controller DMX 512 Party
192CH Stage Light Controller DMX 512 Party
192CH Stage Light Controller DMX 512 Party

192CH Stage Light Controller DMX 512 Party

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If you want a console with multiple scenarios, then the DMX512 console will meet your requirements, it has 192DMX channels, the system has a variety of scenes, and if you have your own ideas, you can also program the scene yourself. Design your own personalized scene. Scene operation can be manually controlled or remotely controlled according to your actual needs, which is very practical and convenient.


  • 192DMX Channels.
  • Fade Time control.
  • DMX polarity selects.
  • Built –in Microphone.
  • 4 digits LED display.
  • 8 fades adjusting output level.
  • Third and fourth digit of LED shows BANKS.
  • 23 Banks each composed of 8 programmable scenes.
  • Blackout master controlled by M annual or R emote.
  • AUTO mode is controlled by TAP SYNC and SPEED controlled.
  • The second、third、fourth digit of LED show steps or 0-255 or TIME.
  • First digit of LED shows CHASES ,the second digit of LED shows scenes.
  • CHASE programming and CHASE running, manual control and remote control.

  • Weight: 2.5Kg 
  • Power Input: DC+9-12V
  • Dimensions: 482×132×73mm
  • Output: AC230V~50Hz (AC120V~60Hz)300Ma ,DC9V300Ma.


Package include:

  • 1x 192 channel 512 controller