2PCS VGA Male Extender to LAN CAT5 KIT

2PCS VGA Male Extender to LAN CAT5 KIT

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  • - The design of all black strap with no markings and light weight makes it simple but durable.

  • - VGA extender over CAT5/CAT6/RJ45 cable(cable not included).

  • - This adapter will allow you to connect your PC, laptop, DVR, Media Center,

  • or game console VGA video port to TV, projector,monitor with available VGA input for ultimate multimedia experience.]

  • - A perfect solution for your media center PC to your HDTV.

  • - Allow transmitting signal between VGA video ports for distances up to 66ft (approximately 20 meters) over CAT5, CAT6 ethernet cable (cable not included).

  • - The distance and picture quality depends on length of the cable, and the resolution that you'd like to transmit.

  • - We recommend you use CAT6 or shield CAT5 for the best performance.

  • - For best results please try to stay away from major power lines fluorescent and neon lights.( 12 inches / 0.3 meter).

Package Included:

  • 2 Pcs VGA to RJ45 Adapter