AUX Audio Mic Splitter Cable
AUX Audio Mic Splitter Cable

AUX Audio Mic Splitter Cable

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- Gold Plated Connections for  Better Sound Quality and Less Loss

- Turns a 3.5mm Combo Headphone/Microphone Port into Two Distinct Ports

- One 3.5mm Headphone Jack and One 3.5mm Microphone Port

- Allows the Use of Older Audio Accessories with Newer Computers

- Designed for Use with PC Sound Cards, Portable CD Players, etc.

- Length: Approx. 300 mm

- Connectors: 2 Male 3.5mm to 1 Female 3.5mm

- The Headset Splitter Features a Compact and Sturdy Design to Deliver the Perfect Solution for Applications That Requires Portability and Takes up Very Little Space in Your Laptop Bag

Package Included:

  20cm(Black)/30cm(Silver) 3.5mm Mic/Audio to Aux Adapter