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Baseus Running Night Safety Light

  • $1200

Safely exercise at night using this easy, clip on safety light.

Full product name:
Baseus - Bright Night Running Light - Blue

Product model number: ACSTAR-03

Main Features:
- Battery endurance: 50 hours
- Suitable for: Running / cycling at night
- LED light

Secondary features:
- Clamp design: Ensures that the Night light will be firmly fixed to a user's clothes, backpack or shoes and will not fall when jogging at night.
- Light design: The night light is only 18 grams and therefore does not obstruct the user's motion in any way, also making it easier to carry around.
- Dual light mode: There are two functions that users can utilise, the first function, flickering, can be activated with a single click, while the second function, a continuous light, can be activated with two clicks.
- Waterproof design: We have added the waterproof feature to ensure that sweat and rain does not interfere in any way, offering users with a care-free experience.
- Durable material: We have used a strong ABS plastic throughout the design to ensure the item is as durable as possible.
- Easy battery replacement: Users can now effortlessly replace the 2023 button batteries in three easy steps.

Please Note:
- The battery endurance may vary due to different personal lighting modes.