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KD-2000 Jewellery Rotary Polisher

  • $29900

This tumbler is for a new 5-kilo rotary tumbler, jewelry polisher & finisher, super finishing, and it will be a great hobby for beginners and great tool for experts.
This equipment utilizes iron beads or steel balls to work on the surface of workpiece. This machine can not only improve the specification precision of the workpiece and geometrical shapes of the workpiece, but also it can make the surface of workpiece smooth and gloss. Sometimes it is used to eliminate the gloss (extinction).
Bidirectional rotation can be timed, optional five-speed.
Excellent for studio and small jewelry projects.
The time of processing is longer than vibratory finishing, but a distinct advantage is that the surface of work pieces get work hardened.
The barrel, made of polycarbonate, is multi sided and will not corrode or rust, used with all types of media including steel shot.

Material: Plastic & Metal
Model: KD-2000
Plug: AU Plug
Voltage: 220V
Power: 60W
Color: Shown As Pictures
Machine Size: Approx. 270 * 220 * 110mm
Glass barrel dimensions: 190*180(mm)
Hole diameter:9cm
Capacity: 5kg
Weight: 7000g
Type: Jewelry Cleaners & Polish

Package List:
1 * Polisher
1 * Polishing Tank
1 * Seal Ring
1 LB Polishing Beads