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KD-6808 Jewellery Rotary Polisher

  • $18500

New! KD-6808 capacity 3kg Rotary Tumbler polishing machine jewelry polisher rotary finishing

Note: The machine originally comes with one pack(pound) carbon beads.

Model Number: KD-6808

1.Voltage: 110V-220V

2. Power: 60W

3. Machine size: 23*18*10(CM)

4. Acrylic barrel/bucket size: Length (CM): 15 Diameter (CM): 15

5. Time control: 10–60 minutes.

6. Two-way rotation.

7. Speed: 1-5 adjustable speed

8. Capacity: 3kg

9. Designed for polishing intricate details, tiny cracks, and multiple settings, and not flat surfaces.


1. Pour water to 2/5 barrel and put 450g (steel ball or material) with jewelry. Then add 10g polishing solution.

2. Select a specific time by turning the time control button.

3. Push the button, which is a one-way rotation.

4. Push the button, it is a two-way rotation. It rotates in one direction for about 1 minute, then it automatically rotates in the opposite direction for 1 minute. We recommend bidirectional rotation, which is more effective.

Disclaimer: There is a stop section for 5s during the two-way rotation. After the stop, the barrel will automatically rotate into opposite direction. During the stop, cannot push the button to rotate in a single direction. Otherwise the machine will power off and not work. Then it needs to push the button to return to work normally, and then push the button to rotate in single/one-way direction.