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Multi-Functional Extra Large Foldable Laptop Table Stand Portable Sofa Bed Detachable Mousepad

  • $3500

Product Features:
  • Simple and sturdy design
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Random shift, free adjustment, auto-lock joint
  • 3 knobs on each folding leg to adjust different height to meet your need, and the 360° revolve provides high flexibility
  • Two small-sized adjustable boards effectively stop your notebook from slipping
  • With a removable mouse holder
  • Suitable for 17" laptop or smaller
  • Suitable for bed, sofa, desk, carpet or lawn
  • Material: Aluminum panel, aluminum alloy stents, ABS joints
  • Laptop stand: folding and portable
  • Dimensions
    • Folded Size (L x W x H): 60 x 26 x 4cm
    • Table Surface (L x W): 48 x 26mm
    • Adjustable Height: 26cm - 49cm
    • Stand Leg (6pcs): 25.5cm
  • Net weight: 1.6kg
  • Max weight bearing: 15 kg
  • Color: Black
Package Includes:

1x Foldable Laptop Desk (Black)