Panasonic AAA Battery
Panasonic AAA Battery

Panasonic AAA Battery

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Panasonic Extra Heavy Duty AAA Batteries 

2 Pcs / Pack 


Panasonic Extra heavy duty carbon zinc batteries provide an economical power source for low-drain devices. They deliver a stable, continuous supply of small amounts of power, making them an ideal choice for products that don’t draw a lot of power such as radios, remote controls, wall clocks, LED torches and battery powered toysThese environmentally friendly batteries are developed for the value minded consumer.


Earth Friendly Zinx Carbon Batteries

0% Pb Hg Cd Added, Zero added Toxic Substance

Anti-Leak Protection, Reduces the risk of damage to your valuables

Extra Heavy Duty, Extra long lift and power

100% Genuine Panasonic Battery, Japan quality brand can trusted

Package include Pack of 2 brand new Panasonic AAA batteries