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Samsung's 2-in-1 USB Type-C & Micro-USB Combo Data/Charge Cable

  • $1495

Compatible with all USB-C devices:
The cable is compatible with all devices with a USB-C connector, such as the HTC 10, Google Pixel and 2017 Galaxy A range to name but a few. With more and more devices now featuring a USB-C connection, this cable is able to provide your phone with blistering transfer and charging speeds.

Supports Fast Charging:
While many older Micro USB and USB-C cables would support charging speeds of around 0.5 Amps, this Official Samsung Combo Cable can handle charging speeds of up to 3 Amps for vastly superior charging.

Model Number: EP-DG930DWEG
Phone Compatibility: Any USB Type-C and Micro-USB devices
Colour: White
Cable Length: 1.5m
Weight: 28g

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