T40 Torch W/ Rechargeable Battery
T40 Torch W/ Rechargeable Battery
T40 Torch W/ Rechargeable Battery
T40 Torch W/ Rechargeable Battery
T40 Torch W/ Rechargeable Battery
T40 Torch W/ Rechargeable Battery
T40 Torch W/ Rechargeable Battery

T40 Torch W/ Rechargeable Battery

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1. Easy to use, five‑gear switching, long press stepless dimming, strong light‑medium light‑low light‑flash‑SOS, to meet the needs of lighting in different scenes.
2. Long‑lasting battery life, with a capacity of up to 8600 mAh.
3. USB charging, easy to use. Strong light can last for 3‑4 hours after full charge and it can be used to charge the flashlight through laptop or mobile phone charging head.
4. Superior material, using high‑quality SST40 strong light wick, strong brightness, strong long‑range shooting, high‑efficiency ring‑shaped grille aluminum alloy shell for heat dissipation, greatly improving the heat dissipation performance of the lamp holder, which is very important to prolong the service life of the headlight.
5. Wide range of use, suitable for outdoor, camping, patrol, mountaineering, expedition, hunting, rescues, fishing, etc.


Item Type: Electric Torch
Material: aluminum alloy
Weight: Approx. 690g / 24.3oz
Lamp Head Diameter: Approx. 7.3cm/2.9in 

Length: Approx. 16.3cm/6.4in
Lamp Tail Diameter: Approx. 4.7cm/1.9in
Model: SST40 Flashlight
Lamp Beads Type: Imported SST40 lamp beads
Output Power (measured): 15W

Running Time (strong light): 3-4h
Brightness: 3000LM
Range: 1000M
Type of Battery Used: built-in 3 parallel 18650 lithium batteries, capacity 8600MAH (included)
Type of Charger Used: for Samsung USB charging port
Function: five modes/stepless dimming, strong light-medium light-low light-flash-SOS
The design of the flashlight circuit board includes battery reverse connection protection, overcharge and overdischarge protection. USB charging.

How to Use:
1. After turning on the flashlight and staying in a gear for one minute, you can turn off the flashlight directly in this gear. When the next time it is turned on, it will be in strong light.
2. After not staying for one minute, you need to press 5 gears before you can turn off the flashlight.
3.USB charging. It can be used with laptops, mobile phone charging heads to charge the flashlight.

Package List:

1 x Electric Torch

1 x USB Cable

1 x 8600 mAh rechargeable Battery