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1.8m 3 RCA Male to Male Composite AV Cable

  • $999


This High Quality Composite RCA Video and Audio Cable is specifically designed to provide sharp and clear video and sound for your home theater system. 


An ultra flexible PVC jacket and color coded connectors help to simplify installation.
99.9% OFC, extremely high quality and made to last.
Heavy duty PVC jacket provides maximum protection to the cable while minimizing signal loses and statics.


Length: 1.8m
AV Cable Type: Audio/Video Cable
Connectivity: RCA (M x 3) to RCA (M x 3)
Connector Type: Three RCA (White, Yellow, Red) Audio and Video Cable
Plug: Red: Audio Right; White: Audio left; Yellow: Video;
Wire color: Black


For Hi-Fi Video, DVD, CD Player, Mini Disc, etc.
This cable is used to connect the composite video output jacks of your DVD player to your TV or any other device that uses composite video

1 X 1.8m 3 RCA Composite Male to Male Audio Video AV Cable