1x2 HD 4K HDMI Bi-Direction Switch

1x2 HD 4K HDMI Bi-Direction Switch

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2 x 1 / 1 x 2 Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher
The switch has button on top of it and two LED indicator lights. The button actually allows you to choose one of two modes: whether you transmit signal from one appliance to the other two or the other way around. This means that this switcher is bi-directional – the HDMI signal can go either way. 

Superior Quality HDMI Switcher
The 2 to 1 hdmi switcher’s core chip IC comes from the TI company of American, signal relay comes from the NEC company of Japan. Metal shell material, make the 2 port HDMI Switch more reliable and solid.

HDMI Switcher compatible with HDMI display sources like laptops, TV, or cable boxes, and HDMI display inputs found on HDTVs, projectors, and computer monitors 

Easy to Use
It’s a tiny cubical item that would easily fit in your palm and literally doesn’t take any space. HDMI switch hub supports Plug and Play.There is no external power required, the connection is made only via HDMI cables. If the HDMI switcher does not work,please check your input device whether with external power,the use of the connection wire is consistent with the requirements of the standard wire.

Please note
※ It does not support HDR, HDMI 2.0, HDCP2.2, 4k@60hz 
※ It can NOT be used as 1 x 2 splitter
※ There is no remote, you have to manually switch it by pressing the button

Specifications (approx.): 
1.3 HDMI Type-A ports. 
2.Supports 4k x 2k, 3D, 1080P resolution. 
3.Supports HDCP pass-through. 
4.Supports 12-bit deep color per channel; maximum of 32-bit across all channels. 
5.Supports uncompressed audio such as LPCM. 
6.Supports compressed audios such as DTS Digital, Dolby Digital, DTS-HS and Dolby True HD. 
7.Easily switch between two HDMI video sources to one HDMI display. 
8.Easily switch a single HDMI video source between two displays (not simultaneously). 
9.Manually push the select button to alternate between modes.

10.Dual LEDs to display status. 
11.Maximum operating current: 15mA 
12.No power source needed; plug and play. 
13.Size: about 5 * 2.2 * 5.2 cm /1.97* 0.87* 2.05in
14.Product weight: about 67g 

Package Include
1 x 2 Port HDMI Switch
1 x User Manual