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3 Pin XLR Female Solder Connector

  • $400

This female connector features 3 pins that match the orientation of the pins of a male connector, right angle, and a rubber strain reliever with an OD of 6mm to prevent bending of the wires.
In addition, this connector was manufactured at a right angle to be space efficient, and it also features a screw-on clamp that lodges the strain reliever as well as provides easier access to the solders.

Features :
•Female XLR Right Angled 3-pin Connector
•Right-angle connector 90 Degree, perfect for use in tight spaces
•Sleek and ergonomic design
•Suitable for 6mm outside diameter microphone cable
•Nickel-plated connectors provide reliable contact
•Rugged strain reliefs provide longevity
• You Will Receive 1 pc