Hand Held 35x50mm Magnifier
Hand Held 35x50mm Magnifier

Hand Held 35x50mm Magnifier

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  • Magnification: 35X
  • Diameter: 50MM
  • Lens Material: high-definition optical lenses
  • Handle: high-strength metal alloys
  • Color: Black, handle stainless steel
  • Suitable for: field visits, jewelry appraisal, office, printing manufacturing, home use, a pocket-sized high-definition high-powered magnifying glass
  • Proper use of the method: the right hand holding a magnifying glass, making the lens parallel with the line of sight, (preferably from 10cm) to watch the left hand holding an object against the bare slowly around lens when moving objects are identified to find the most suitable observation position, the effect are obvious!

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1X  Magnifying Glass