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USB C Type C to Magsafe1 Magsafe2 Cable Charger For MacBook Air/Pro 45W 60W 85W

  • $2495

1.Type C to magsafe1 (L shape)

  • USB-Type C to MagSafe version 1 cable (L-Tip)
  • For use with Precision Audio 65W+ USB-C Wall Adapter
  • Rapid charging
  • Length: 1.8m
  • Magnetic L-tip Magsafe adapter
  • For use with early model MacBook and Macbook Pro (non retina models) 

Compatible Models

Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air's from Late 2008 - Mid 2012. 


  • 1 x Type C to Magsafe 1 Cable (L shape)
 2. Type C to magsafe2 (T shape)
  • Magsafe 2 Compatible with the MacBook Air Pro After 2012 year
  • USB-C charge Power need 60W or more(including 60W), Such as: APPLE 61W/87W USB-C charger,Mobile phone charger is not applicable.
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Design for Converting USB C Charger: This USB C to MagSafe 2(T-Tip) Converter is designed for converting for MacBook / Pro USB C charger to charge your old version for MacBook with MagSafe 2(T-Tip) interface, so it could preserve the value of your investment in chargers and make your life more convenience.
  • Compatibility: This USB C to MagSafe 2(T-Tip) charger Cable is compatible with 2012 to 2017 Macbook Pro 13inch, 15inch, 17inch, for MacBook Air 11inch, 13inch, and it supports USB C power adapter.
  • Premium Material : This Type C to MagSafe 2(T-Tip) cable is made of premium plastic material to provide more efficient thermal radiation, so you don t have to worry it will heat up too bad.
  • Lightweight Design: Its compact and lightweight design is easy for your to take in your bag and easier to leave charger cable in different places you use instead of unplugging and plugging in wherever you go. It also perfects for traveling, enterprise, school teaching.
  • USB-C connector: Type C (connect to USB-C Power Adapter)
  • Facility connector: Magnetic 2nd-Gen T-head (connect to macbook)
  • Cord Length:approx. 176cm
  • Connector: MagSafe 2 /T-shape (5 Pin)
  • First Step: Connect the Cable to USB-C adapter, Then connect the charging adapter to an AC source.
  • Second Step: Connect the Magsafe 2 port to the device. The signal light turns on.
Compatible Machine:
  • Macbook Air MagSafe 2.0 Compatible Power Adapter Models:
        A1436 A1465 A1466
  • Macbook Air MagSafe 2.0 Connecter Compatible Models:
        MD223CH/A, MD224CH/A, MD231CH/A, MD232CH/A
        MD711ZP/A, MD712ZP/A, MD760ZP/A, MD761ZP/A
What's included :
  • 1 x Type C to Magsafe 2 Cable (T shape)