VGA Female Video Extender Plug to LAN CAT5/6

VGA Female Video Extender Plug to LAN CAT5/6

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  • 100% Brand New, Australia Stock.
  • Connector 1: VGA female
    Connector 2: RJ45 Ethernet Port female.
  • Allow transmitting signal between VGA video ports for distances up to 66ft (approximately 20 meters) over CAT5, CAT6 Ethernet cable (cable not included).
  • The distance and picture quality depends on length of the cable, and the resolution that you'd like to transmit.  We recommend you use CAT6 or shield CAT5 for the best performance.
  • For best results please try to stay away from major power lines fluorescent and neon lights.( 12 Inches / 0.3 Meter )
  • You might need a pair / 2 pcs of these at least to work.
  • Size: 5 x 3.3 x 1.8cm.
  • Pay By 4pm, Have your item dispatched today. 
  • Make sure that the your connection works over regular VGA cable.
  • For the long runs try to avoid jack connections, for the best result use straight network CAT5 cable.
  • CAT5 cable may be affected by close proximity of fluorescent fixtures. If possible, keep it at least 2 feet (0.5 meters) away.
  • You CAN NOT use switch, router or hub to transmit video using these adapters.
  • You CAN use VGA switches, splitters, and amplifiers.
  • DO NOT use crossover network cable. Use either 568A, or 568B wiring on both ends.
  • If connecting to a TV with VGA PC Input, and there is the message Unsupported PC Signal check your manual for maximum or fixed resolution of your TV PC input. In most cases it is 1024x768. The other way to test the limits is to lower your PC video card resolution to 800x600, then gradually increase it. Some TV's and monitors require fixed resolution of the video card in order to display picture.