200 Mile Range TV Antenna
200 Mile Range TV Antenna

200 Mile Range TV Antenna

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Brand New and High Quality
- 1080p Digital TV Antenna Receiver
- Support 1080p
- 200 miles range
- Coaxial Cable: 4M length
- Connector Type:F Male
- V.S.W.R.:<=1.5,Max:1
- Impedance:75Ohm
-  Multi-directional capability
- call out all "Free" channels
- Gain:28 dBi
- Working Frequency: 174~240MHz,470~862MHz
- Product size(MM):220*130*0.5
- Mounting Paste
- Radome Color Black
- Operation Temperature : -45 ~ 85℃
- Storage Temperature : -45 ~ 85℃
- Set up guide
- Step 1:Connect the end(F-male) of attached coaxial cable to th ANT/IN connector on the back of the TV or - DVB-T tunner.
- Step 2:In the TV's setup menu,set the tuner mode to "Antenna" or "Air".For more detailed instructions, please refer to your TV manual.
- Step 3:In the TV's setup menu,set TV to "scan" for channels.This can sometimes be listed as auto-program,auto-scan,channel search or channel scan.Consult the TV manual for detailed instructions.