9 in 1 ESD Tweezer Tool Set
9 in 1 ESD Tweezer Tool Set
9 in 1 ESD Tweezer Tool Set
9 in 1 ESD Tweezer Tool Set
9 in 1 ESD Tweezer Tool Set

9 in 1 ESD Tweezer Tool Set

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  1. ESD-10 is non-magnetic and anti-static (123mm) 
  2. ESD-11 is non-magnetic, straight and thin (141mm) 
  3. ESD-12 is non-magnetic, and the thin spot is straight (135mm) 
  4. ESD-13 non-magnetic, thin and round (122mm) 
  5. ESD-14 non-magnetic, ultra-fine dot straight line (121 mm) 
  6. ESD-15 non-magnetic, fine tip 45 ° angle (121mm) 
  7. ESD-16 heavy tip (129mm) 
  8. ESD-17 non-magnetic, tip, 25 ° angle (122mm) 
  9. ESD-34A non-magnetic, wide and round (120 mm) 

Scope of supply: 
  • 9 pieces of anti-static stainless steel precision non-magnetic steel tweezers. 
  • 1 PC toolkit. 

  1. Complete set (9 pieces): high-quality, multi-spec precision tweezers set, including pointed tweezers, elbow tweezers, flat tweezers, etc.
  2. ESD coating prevents electrostatic discharge and prevents electrostatic damage to electronic components; resistant to most acids and other corrosive substances.
  3. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, after precision processing, with anti-magnetic, acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. It is non-magnetic and non-sticky, prevents small objects from adhering.
  4. Anti-static coating: The surface of tweezers made of stainless steel has an anti-static coating to prevent static electricity from damaging electronic components. Anti-static tweezers have the characteristics of high strength, non-magnetic materials, no fatigue for a long time, safety and durability.
  5. This matte black surface finish have good non-slip handing. This set of professional anti-static tweezers prevent damage to electronic components.Suitable for jewelry, eyelash extension, electronic repair, leather products, etc.