Microphone for CCTV Security Camera
Microphone for CCTV Security Camera
Microphone for CCTV Security Camera
Microphone for CCTV Security Camera

Microphone for CCTV Security Camera

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Work Voltage: 4-14V
Work current: 5mA-60mA
Sensitivity: 200mA
4.Frequency: 100-10000Hz

series are high sensitive audio recording device especially for CCTV security and alarm system, work space as far as 150 square meters.

<<AUDIO>>series are designed for bank, super store, conference room, and military base, etc; with wireless emitter, it also can be used at free way toll gate. The products are high sensitivity, low noise and good fidelity and low power consumption. It is very easy to install because of the combination of advanced structure and small size.

Red wire ---Power+
Black wire—Power-
S- Black signal
S+ Green signal


1.Work Voltage: 4-14V
2.Work current: 5mA-60mA
3.Sensitivity: 200mA
4.Frequency: 100-10000Hz
5.Max output Voltage:5VPP
6.Workting Temperature : -10°C to +70°C


* DC female+RCA female
* Two wire connector sound pick-up
* Current consumption: 12mA
* Frequency response: 2. 5 dB
* Output impedance: 600 Ω
* Output Line: Electric power source, linegroundwire, signal wire
* Monitoring of: 5 m² - 80m² Signal transmission line With a core line with the best shield,

*Acoustic noise ,Hi-Fi
*DSP built-in noise reduction circuit
*Dynamic closed-circuit noise
*AGC circuit built-in gain
*Tone processing circuit
*No noise

1x RCA 12v Microphone

Note: Power supply, RCA cable or adapter not included. Microphone has been heat shrinked with Yellow heat shrink, not black.