T10 Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter
T10 Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter
T10 Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

T10 Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter

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Product Introduction

1, this product is a dedicated car Bluetooth Car MP3 player, professional-grade high-performance Bluetooth module, MP3 decoder chip.
2, can play TF card inside the music files, transmitted to the car stereo via FM radio.
3, you can also connect via Bluetooth, the phone's music through wireless transmission, it is transmitted to the car stereo.
4, you can connect this device as a hands-free telephone system. We can communicate freely in your driving.
5, the device is transmitted through a wireless way to launch your car stereo, do not need to modify your car, you can let you enjoy music while driving and can use hands-free phone calls, entertainment security correct.
6, the apparatus further includes a car charger has a function that allows the car to charge your digital products.

Product Features

1. Turn on the battery voltage detection
2, Bluetooth hands-free, then the built-in microphone, easy and safe to answer the telephone; Caller ID
3, the noise processing call CVC, wind noise reduction, full duplex talking technology;
4, support mobile phone A2DP function, play high-quality mobile phone music directly after connecting Bluetooth;
5, after the power on automatic back even, it automatically enters pairing state;
6, support TF card expansion play MP3 / WMA format music;
7, comes with car charger, output 5V-2100m, can charge handheld devices.
8. AVX input-output port. Display song

Technical Parameters

Input voltage: 12-24V
Output voltage: 5 v + / - -0.25
Output Current: 2100mA (MAX)
Short circuit protection current: 2.4 --3
Bluetooth version: V3.0 + EDR
Frequency: 20 h ~ 20 KHZ
Sensitivity: -42 dB + / 3 db 36
Voltage: 5 v + / -0.5
Operating Current: 45mA (maximum)
Standby current: 25mA (maximum)
Frequency: 2.402 ~ 2.480 ghz
Effective distance: 5 m
Sensitivity: -92 dBm
RF output: 4 dBm
Frequency: 87.5MHz --- 108.0MHz
Transmitting power: 87 dBuv / 107 dBuv
Effective distance: 5 m

Note: This product is compatible with most mobile phones, a number of different phone models will be unable to use some features.

Product packaging
1 * Bluetooth Car Kit
1*AUX cable line